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Transurban Queensland, in conjunction with the Australian Government and Queensland Government, is committed to managing the design and construction of the project in a manner that fully considers environmental outcomes and supports an ecologically sustainable development.

Sustainable outcomes including considering the motorway’s neighbours, reducing waste and thinking long term will be a focus for the project during design and construction.

To achieve these outcomes, the project is aiming to meet the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) rating of ‘excellent’ – the first major road project in Queensland to seek an ISCA rating.

What is ISCA?

The infrastructure sustainability rating scheme provides an independent, verified assessment of the sustainability of an infrastructure project.

To gain the excellent rating, the project has to prove its achievements in how it has been managed, how it uses construction materials, how it controls pollution, protects ecology, delivers community benefits and incorporates innovation.

The project contractor is required to register the project with ISCA, implement a comprehensive sustainability program and submit a sustainability scorecard (in the form of credit summaries) for verification.

The ISCA verifiers will scrutinise the evidence for each credit summary and confirm that the project has actually delivered to the excellent standard, as compared to the best infrastructure projects in Australia.

An excellent rating provides an assurance to the community that the project’s contribution to sustainability goes beyond visible features to include less obvious features like the selection of sustainable materials, superior management systems and community engagement. The project’s Sustainability Policy will underpin and guide the achievement of an ‘excellent’ rating under the ISCA rating scheme.

Transurban Queensland and Transport and Main Roads will work with Lendlease to investigate the use of innovative methodologies and sustainable materials throughout the project’s design and construction. This will ensure the benefits of the project will continue to be realised long after its completion.


Last updated
31 January 2018