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Sandgate Road bridge upgrades completed

Motorists travelling northbound on the motorway through Deagon recently may have noticed they were now driving on the new Sandgate Road bridge.

The new bridge opened to traffic in April after approximately two years of construction works, including the deconstruction of the existing bridge.

To minimise disruption to motorists, the southbound bridge was widened first so that northbound traffic could be temporarily realigned to that bridge during construction of the new northbound structure.

Significant work was undertaken to upgrade the Sandgate Road bridges, including:

  • installation of 59 new underground concrete bridge foundations
  • placement of 216 concrete bridge beams
  • 7,400m3 of concrete used to construct bridge elements, including the bridge decks and
    edge protection barriers
  • removal of 4,000 tonnes of deconstructed bridge elements
  • placement of 12,000m3 of earthwork material for the bridge approaches.

View a timelapse of the Sandgate Road northbound bridge deconstruction/reconstruction here.

Last updated
2 May 2018